Deli Products

Description Pack Size
Valbella Burgers (6oz) 4.s
Valbella Chicken Burgers (6oz) 4's
Lamb Burgers (6oz) 4's
Bison Burgers (6oz) 4's
Elk Burgers (6oz) 2's
Rice & Mushroom Burgers (V) 4's
Black Bean Burgers (V) 4's

Deli Products


Alberta Meat Processors Convention in Banff: Overall winner

Alberta Meat Processors Convention: Best poultry sausage, best smoked link sausage, best ham garlic sausage and best salami

International Food and Trade Show in Zurich: 6 gold medals and 2 silver medals 

Alberta Pork Congress: Best Sausage and Best Specialty Meats

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Holiday Hours

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