Deli Products


Description Pack Size
Gourmet Breakfast Sausage 8's
Cheese Smokies 4's
European Weiners 5's
Smokies 4's
Ham Garlic Ring 1pc
Leek & Cabbage Sausage 4's
Italian Sausage (uncooked) 4's
Mennonite Sausage 4's
Spanish Chorizo Hot (uncooked) 4's
Tuscany Sausage 4's
Western Bratwurst 4's
Cabanossi Sausage 5's
Blood Sausage 4's
Liver Sausage 4's
Swiss Cervelat 4's


Description Pack Size
Chicken Apple Sausage 4's
Chicken Veggie Sausage 4's
Turkey Honey Garlic Sausage 4's
Turkey Italian Sausage 4's


Description Pack Size
Moroccan Lamb Sausage 4's
Merguez Sausage (uncooked) 4's

Beef / Veal

Description Pack Size
Veal Bratwurst 4's
Veal Cipollata
Beef Frankfurters 4's


Description Pack Size
Venison Italian Sausage (uncooked) 4's
Venison Smokies 4's
Bison Whiskey Sausage 4's
Wild Boar Porcini Mushroom Sausage (uncooked) 3's

Deli Products


Alberta Meat Processors Convention in Banff: Overall winner

Alberta Meat Processors Convention: Best poultry sausage, best smoked link sausage, best ham garlic sausage and best salami

International Food and Trade Show in Zurich: 6 gold medals and 2 silver medals 

Alberta Pork Congress: Best Sausage and Best Specialty Meats