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March Special - All Soups $6.50

0103 2019 1132875140456633311899

Let us keep you warm on these cold March days!

Enjoy Chef Felix's delicious and homemade soups for only $6.50 for the whole month of March.

February Special

Tourtiere Edit Small

Our home made Venison Tourtière is sure to keep you warm and your #Valbelly full this cold February!

Easy to bake, rich in flavor and SO GOOD!

Enjoy 15% off these delicious pies for the whole month of February!

January Special - Bison Whiskey Sausage

Bison Whiskey Sausage

New Year, New Monthly Special!

We started our monthly specials last year to celebrate our big 4-0 but we are almost 41 and we don't want to stop celebrating!

We are kicking off 2019 with our Bison Whiskey Sausage - full of flavor and deliciously juicy!

Enjoy 15% off for the whole month of January!


Ham Nugget Rocky Mountain Thermo Mixing

Our final special of the year is here...and what better way to enjoy December and all the upcoming festivities than with one of our Ham Nuggets!

These delicious 1kg hams are a great size for a smaller gathering and are 15% off until the end of December!

Photo by Rocky Mountain Thermomixing

November Special - Leek & Cabbage Sausage

Leek & Cabbage Sausage

Juicy pork blended with the subtle flavors of leek and cabbage. This Fall sausage goes perfectly with some creamy mashed potato or even warmed in a soup. A must try this Fall!

Enjoy 15% off this delicious sausage in our Deli for the whole month of November.

October Special - Maple Coppalina Bacon

Maple Coppalina Social Media

Temperatures are dropping so why not stay in and create an impressive brunch at home this October with our Special of the Month ; Maple Coppalino Bacon.

Bring your French Toast or Eggs Benedict to the next level with a slice or 10 of the good stuff! …..Everything is better with bacon right?!?

Enjoy 15% off for the whole month of October in our Deli!

Closing Early

20180929 Deli Closing Early

We will be closing an hour early this Saturday, 29th September at 4pm for a staff function.

Our apologies for any inconvenience, we look forward to serving you again on Monday!

Thanksgiving 2018

Thanksgiving 2017 Website

We have everything you need to have an unforgettable Thanksgiving this year!

Impress your friends and families with our traditional hams or one of Winter’s organic and free range turkeys - you simply can't go wrong with Valbella!

Take the stress away and enjoy our home-made natural gravy, stuffing & cranberry sauce!

We also have dessert covered with a selection of Pie Junkie fruit pies including pumpkin, pecan and apple.

Happy Thanksgiving!

September Special - Swiss Cervelat


The national sausage of Switzerland, our Swiss Cervelat now has 15% off in our deli for the whole month of September!

It is fully cooked and super versatile. It can be eaten hot off the BBQ, served cold with a wholegrain mustard or in a traditional salad!

Or you can do as the Swiss do and split the ends and cook over a campfire....when there is no fire ban of course!

August Special - Smoked Pork Chop

Pork Chop Edited

Attention BBQ Lovers!

These pork chops are smoked and are partially cooked.

Not only are the flavours super juicy and smoky, they are really quick and easy to cook on the BBQ or in the frying pan. Pair them with a potato salad for the PERFECT summer dinner!

15% off in our Deli for the whole month of August!