Wholesale Products

Description Pack Size Case Size
Back Bacon 75mm 1.5kg
Country Style Bacon whole or 1/2's
Country Style Bacon - sliced 250gr/500g
Country Style Bacon - thick cut 250g
Sliced Bulk Bacon 5kg
Country Pepper Bacon - sliced 250gr/500g
Gourmet Back Bacon 1-2kg
Gourmet Back Bacon - sliced 250g
Peameal Back Bacon 1kg
Maple Coppalino Bacon - whole 1-2kg
Maple Coppalino Bacon - sliced 250g
Bacon Bits (bulk) 6kg
Bacon Bits (portioned) 250g
Beef Bacon 250g

Wholesale Products


Alberta Meat Processors Convention in Banff: Overall winner

Alberta Meat Processors Convention: Best poultry sausage, best smoked link sausage, best ham garlic sausage and best salami

International Food and Trade Show in Zurich: 6 gold medals and 2 silver medals 

Alberta Pork Congress: Best Sausage and Best Specialty Meats