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Sliced Products


Description Pack Size Case Size
Bundnerfleisch - sliced 220g
Coppa - sliced 220g
Valbella's Proscuitto - sliced 220g
Rohess Speck (Double Smoked Bacon) - sliced 220g
Smoked Bison - sliced 220g

Deli Meats

Description Pack Size Case Size
Genoa Salami - sliced 1kg
Black Forest Ham - sliced 1kg
Maple Pepper Ham - sliced 1kg
Old Fashioned Ham - sliced 1kg
Valbella Ham - sliced 1kg
Honey Baked Ham - sliced 1kg
Traditional Ham - sliced 1kg
Pastrami Rounds - sliced 1kg
Sirloin Tip Roast Beef - sliced 1kg
Smoked Turkey Breast - sliced 1kg
Roasted Turkey Breast - sliced 1kg

Wholesale Products

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